Conveyor belts for the glass industry

They are used in hollow glass and other manufacturing processes, especially for annealing belts, decoration tunnels, verification and packaging transport, etc. Normally they are our type A1 (belts with spirals and left and right alternating wavy rods), with welded edges.
They are manufactured with round or flat wire spirals, and can achieve a great flatness in the shape of the spiral to avoid excessive vibrations during the transport of the goods (bottles, glasses ...).

Basically the following MATERIALS are used depending on the conditions of the process:

Cr Steels
Suitable for processes whose implementation temperature is between 500 and 600°C. These materials however, may work in good conditions up to 700ºC.The presence of Si and Mo in their composition allows for considerable resistance to oxidation and wear.

AISI 304 / 18-8 / 1.4301
In the case of a Austenitic Stainless Steel, with 18% Cr and 8% Ni, this material has excellent resistance to breakage and to oxidation, and can work retaining all of its properties to approx. 800°C.

CODINA can also manufacture this type of conveyor belt with other materials upon request.