Knitted wire meshes are marketed like a flattened continuous sleeve whose structure is based on a series of beautiful and decorative linking arches interwoven by the folds of the wire.

These meshes, thanks to their great ductility, allow for making bodies of quite different geometry and density that grant them noticeable physical and technical qualities making them suitable to meet a wide range of industrial applications.

We manufacture a wide variety and range of knitted wire meshes a long time since.


Our great experience in the drawing technology, as one of the first companies in the manufacture of Woven Wire Cloth, places us in the best position to fully meet the most demanding technical conditions as to quality and variety of materials.

Also, our great production capacity allows us to have a large raw materials stock to be able to deliver any order at very competitive prices.

Our workshop, equipped with skilled staff and the relevant technology, manufactures components for different application under particular specifications, made of woven wire cloth or knitted wire meshes.

We are in a position to meet manufactures going from a single unit up to large series, even units weighing a few grammes up to dimensions typical of the petrochemical industry.


60 60 55 36 2x4 54.24
120 150 100 34 4.5x4 / 2.5x4 64.54
140 150 120 40 4.5x5.5 / 2.5x5.5 65
200 205 180 56 4x3.5 / 2.5x3.5 105.4
250 260 240 65 4x4/ 3x4 123.22
410 420 380 94 5.2x3.5 / 3x3.5 198
560 565 490 102 7.5x5 / 2x5 195.16
560 560 470 128 5x4 / 2.5x4 270

The table shows a wide range of knitted wire meshes whose characteristics meet the most frequent use applications.

  • A: It is the standard width of the mesh going out of the machine, once flattened (flattened pipe).
  • B: lt is the maximum width the machine can deliver.
  • C: It is the minimum width the machine can deliver.
  • D: Number of machine needles .
  • E: Mesh opening. Also included in the nominal width. Two mesh openings machines:
    The first: opening is that between two needles.
    The Second: is that of the hole of the needle itself, i.e., there is one opening of each alternatively.
  • F: Weight of 1 linear m of flat mesh, in grammes, 0,26 mm ø wire, AISI 304, mesh at rest not drawn.

If the wire diameter is different the weight of the mesh is proportional to the wire section(*). Make the conversion according to the specific weight of each material for the different qualities.

(*) Section, in the sense of the area (pr2 ).


The most current material qualities are:

·Brigth steel

· Galvanized steel

· Stainless steel AISI-304 and AISI-316



· Polipropileno

· Monel

· Refractory 25/20.

Mesh finishing

·Plain or corrugated, "Diagonal", "Simple ear" or "Multiple ear" shaped.
·All the meshes can be supplied corrugated.
REMARK: Meshes become shorter on being corrugated. The maximum corrugation with our pinions shortens the mesh length by 59%.