Considering the quality and price of these of products, Codina has a major advantage over the competition. We manufacture wire mesh filters from our own base products, which we produce in a variety of materials, (Woven wire meshes and knitted meshes) in Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Galvanized Steel, etc.).


These products are exclusively made to customers' own drawings, samples or particular specifications. We are equipped to manufacture from small to high volumes.


Here you can see some of our typically produced filters:

Simple discs

They are always made from woven mesh with filtration from 0,041 to 50mm.

Composed discs

They are usually made with different meshes (filter mesh and support mesh), either with welded joints or with a perimeter frame.

Custom width and sheets

These are produced in dimensions and filtration to customer requirements.


Simple cylinders

These are woven meshes with filtration to customer specifications and formed as an open-ended tube.


Composed cylinders

These are woven meshes with filtration to customer specifications, formed as a tube with one or several layers of mesh.
The ends may be framed or closed with the same mesh and can be made in differing finishes.


Inlaid filters

They are produced from woven mesh and formed with customised tooling to attain shapes and dimensions as specified by the customer.


Kitten mesh filters

As the name indicates, they are produced with knitted wire mesh and can consist of different shapes and densities.
Cylinders with rolled mesh, flat, rectangular, squares, etc.


Pleated filters

They are constructed with undulated woven mesh forming folds and can be cylindrical or flat.


Special filters

They are made of woven or knitted mesh as specified by the customer.
These filters may incorporate different materials (perforated plates expanded metal, and similar).

Most of our filters are constructed with wire mesh. You can consult, if you are interested, the characteristics of our wire meshes by visiting the specialized section.