A full range of single standard belts, plus the (non-standard) derived types, can be transformed into belts with accessories, when elements such as chains, forked chains, guards, crosswire strips, etc. are involved in their construction.

Edge guards

Their placement prevents products from falling off the side of the belt. They may be of variable shapes, height or size. (Type C.A-L, C.A1-L, etc).

Possible finishes with edge guards

We can manufacture conveyor belts with any edge guards geometry.


They are situated to ease the haulage of the belt and ensure good traction preventing the mesh from suffering from wear and tear of the dynamic movement of the belt. The most standard pitches are used, such as 9.52 mm, 12.70 mm, 15.87 mm, 19.05 mm, 25.40 mm, 38.10 mm, and 50.80 mm. However, the belts can be designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements by linking the chain to the belt at each pitch or at N pitches. Belts with chains can also be constructed with edge guards and crosswire strips.

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