A5 con aletas

Belts for heat treatment

Heat treatment of steel and cast iron production is a process that consists of a combination of heating and cooling operations, performed on metals or alloys in a solid state, under conditions of controlled temperature, speed, time and pressure, with the aim of improving the metals’ or alloys’ mechanical properties.
This type of process makes it possible to considerably improve the hardness, resistance and elasticity of the treated metal materials.

The main materials used in the manufacturing of this type of belt are:

AISI 314 / 25-20 / 1.4841
Adequate for processes whose temperature of execution is between 900°C and 1160°C, but inadequate for processes in which the belt may have to operate during a phase between 750°C and 850°C, since this material becomes fragile as a result of sigma phase formation.

AISI 330/ 37-18 / 1.4864
Material resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, which offers a high degree of mechanical resistance and resistance to carburization. Capable of operating at temperatures of up to 1160°C. The main property of this material is that it remains austenitic during the sigma phase temperature range (750-850°C), and withstands the formation of this phase for a prolonged period of time.

Codina can also manufacture this type of belt with other materials, upon request